We hand craft high quality unique business cards

Mix our 100% transparent clear business cards with some ink tinting and behold a whole new first impression for your business!

Fully Transparent Business Cards

Partially See Through (Tinted) Cards

Frosted Business Cards (Special Frosting Effect)

Why Should You BeĀ Using Frosted Business Cards?

Durable: Frosted Plastic Card Stock is more durable than the standard clear plastic card. Our frosted translucent business cards resist scratching and scuffing while maintaining a premium first impression.

Contrast: Since the frosted card is not entirely transparent it has the added benefit of providing some contrast for your design. Your business
card is sure to pop even on darker surfaces.

Waterproof: All Plastic Business Cards, including frosted are waterproof and tear-proof. You don’t have to worry about people running your card through the wash, spilling coffee on it, or anything else.

What our Customers have to say

A couple of words about Cards

“I came up with high expectations for clear plastic cards and they exceeded them all. That’s what they are know for and they lived up to their reputation”

Leslie McDonald , Forbes

“A Great experience and service provided by clear plastic cards. I was mesmerised with the creativity of their design prowess.”

Julia White , Hubspot

“They show why they are the best in the business by providing a fast and reliable service. I will surely recommend them to my friends and other people. You rock guys!”

Cameron Johnson , Clickr

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